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Science Today is a daily radio feature produced by the University of California for the CBS Radio Network. From breakthroughs in medicine, agriculture and the environment to insights into the world around us, Science Today covers it all.

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The next time you go wine tasting in California, consider the amount of water it takes to produce that glass. Winery manager and instructor Chik Brenneman of the University of California, Davis’ Department of Viticulture and Enology explains that producing wine takes five times the amount of water. And with California’s lucrative wine industry, that can put a strain on the state’s fragile water situation.

"Within the industry and it’s pretty much the industry standard, it takes five to ten volumes of water to make one volume of wine. That can become a significant impact. Here, we’re a one hundred ton winery, but think of some of the larger wineries in California that are doing hundreds of thousands of tons."

Brenneman says that university-managed wineries have already begun taking measures to conserve water.

"We’re actually looking at capturing more water, cleaning the water up, and using that water as process water, then capturing the processed water and the waste stream, and actually cleaning up ther waste stream and being able to use that again."

A consortium of wildlife and human health scientists have been working with governments in 20 countries to monitor diseases at the human-animal interface to prevent and respond to emerging diseases that move between wildlife and people. It’s nice to know that there are folks out there like UC Davis’ Jonna Mazet….