Watch how the bicycles of the 1800s influence today’s bikes

In case you need another reason to get out on your bike….we just filed a story about how exercising can actually lengthen telomeres. These are the ends of chromosomes that control cellular aging (they resemble the plastic tips on shoelaces). Until now, it was thought that telomeres could only get shorter due to aging and stress.

We found that the telomeres actually got longer by almost 10 percent in the group that made lifestyle changes, whereas they got shorter by about 3 percent of the control group. And we also found that the more people change their lifestyle, the longer their telomeres got at any age and that’s a very empowering finding.

Dr. Dean Ornish of UC San Francisco led this small pilot study and hopes it will motivate others to conduct larger, randomized trials to confirm their findings. 

In the meantime, happy trails!

(Source: vimeo.com)